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oh hey there.
I'd like to share the story of how radio_nerds  came into creation. like when you're a teenager and your parents decide to tell you how you were conceived when your mom was wrecked on Tequila Rose.

I was on-air at my weekend job, filling a shift for another weekend staffer, Jamie. I got a call on the request line. this conversation followed.
Me: "101.5, hello?"
Man, older: "Hello? Is this Jamie?"
Me: "No..."
Man: "Oh, well Jamie is normally on now. Katie, right?"
Me: "yeah.* Jamie is off, I'm filling her shift this weekend."
Man: "Well you sound good."
Me: "Thank you!"
Man: "So, are you new?"
Me: "Sort of."
Man: "So where are you from?"
Me: "Oh, not too far from here."
Man: "Well, you sound good."
Me: "Thanks! Have a good day now."
and I promptly hang up.

*- there was no way in christ I was correcting this dude on my name. I go by KATE, not Katie. thank you.

I am thoroughly creeped out and have NO IDEA how to handle this. I am used to dealing with asshole kids and pissants, but not creepy older dudes.
I text Mandie, and am like "D: D: D: D WHAT."
after talking for a few, we realized that there was no real place to share creep stories like this, and other funny stories from work.
come to think of it, there's no real place for young radio people anywhere.
and so radio_nerds was born.

so there you have it! scary men helped spawn radio_nerds , in the most innocent way possible.

more rants, stories, and a post with actual information will follow shortly.

Oh, hey there.

Hi everyone!

I'm kynaphoenix, also known as Mandie, one of the mods here!

muted_absence and I decided to make this comm for a variety of reasons.  First off, we're both students at Illinois State University, majoring in Mass Media, for radio.  We both hold/have held director positions at our student radio station, WZND (www.wznd.com, word.)  In addition, we're both graduating in May 2010 and pretty much shitting our pants just thinking about it.

That's basically what this comm is all about.

If you're a college student like us, ready to graduate and worried about the state of your demo CD for resumes, we feel your pain. Maybe some people at your student station aren't taking it as seriously as you, or you're curious about life after college...you're not alone.

Whether you've just entered the radio work or are a total pro at it, and none of your friends at desk jobs understand your frustration when you can't get that advertiser's spot to sound just right, we hear you; we'd love to hear your stories and would probably kiss your feet if you could answer some of our questions!

You might be still in high school, being pushed at from all sides to pick a career, and you had just the slightest inkling of  "Huh. I could do that."  We'd love to help you out, whether it be pimping our alma mater when you're looking for schools, recommending what electives to take in your last couple years of high school that might help, or even just giving you an idea of what the biz is all about.

Now that you've found us (and we're damn glad to meet you!), here's a few basic rules that we'd appreciate if you kept in mind while posting:

1. Posting access is free to all, but the mods have the right to delete posts if they're found to be inappropriate

2. That being said, don't be a dickbag.  That means no personal attacks on members, no flame-wars in the comments, no being a douche.  Just use your common sense and basic courtesy, please.

3. Obviously, we're down with swearing.  We know it's sometimes tough to be professional at our jobs, so this is supposed to be a place to just unwind and bitch about your day. Just don't direct it at other users, alright?

4. Please PLEASE use tags for your posts! It'll make it WAY easier for other members to find what they're looking for if you throw a couple basic keywords on there.  This one is for everyone's benefit!

5. Since the tags are there, it'll be easier to figure out who's already written what, so please try not to repost if someone's already posted about it.  Check the tags and the archive first.

6. If you posted a question and it wasn't answered immediately, don't freak out and double-post it here. Crossposting in other comms is cool, but jeez, give it a couple days before you spaz about it.  Radio is a busy field and we all get that, so just relax, and someone will probably answer your question in due time.

7.  Kind of going along with tags, if you work at a station and don't mind letting us know where you work, put your station's website in the box for music! It'd be cool to see what kind of work other people do, as well as check out different kinds of format.

Well, that's it so far.  Get posting!




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