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oh hey there.
I'd like to share the story of how radio_nerds  came into creation. like when you're a teenager and your parents decide to tell you how you were conceived when your mom was wrecked on Tequila Rose.

I was on-air at my weekend job, filling a shift for another weekend staffer, Jamie. I got a call on the request line. this conversation followed.
Me: "101.5, hello?"
Man, older: "Hello? Is this Jamie?"
Me: "No..."
Man: "Oh, well Jamie is normally on now. Katie, right?"
Me: "yeah.* Jamie is off, I'm filling her shift this weekend."
Man: "Well you sound good."
Me: "Thank you!"
Man: "So, are you new?"
Me: "Sort of."
Man: "So where are you from?"
Me: "Oh, not too far from here."
Man: "Well, you sound good."
Me: "Thanks! Have a good day now."
and I promptly hang up.

*- there was no way in christ I was correcting this dude on my name. I go by KATE, not Katie. thank you.

I am thoroughly creeped out and have NO IDEA how to handle this. I am used to dealing with asshole kids and pissants, but not creepy older dudes.
I text Mandie, and am like "D: D: D: D WHAT."
after talking for a few, we realized that there was no real place to share creep stories like this, and other funny stories from work.
come to think of it, there's no real place for young radio people anywhere.
and so radio_nerds was born.

so there you have it! scary men helped spawn radio_nerds , in the most innocent way possible.

more rants, stories, and a post with actual information will follow shortly.

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